Price Changer

This smart calculator analyzes your data and suggests best price change for profit maximization.

How to price your product? give a discount or raise the price?

Some businessmen are afraid to increase the price, thinking that their customers will immediately flee. But a slight mark-up wouldn’t scare the majority away and will give an important profit boost, which compensates a few clients loss. What about discounts? In a demand-elastic environment, a discount may bring a significant number of clients that cover margin loss by orders quantity. However, if the demand is inelastic (i.e. in the luxury segment), a discount would just cut your margin without giving additional quantities in return.

Price Changer is a tool that takes into account every factor, estimates price elasticity of demand, evaluates the influence of market share and competition, and builds a forecast for how the profit and quantities will change at every pricing step. 

As a result, the instrument finds a pricing decision that gives the highest profit. Try filling up as many details as you can to see the suggested price change, as well as a graph with a profit curve, so that you can feel how your profit volume reshapes over pricing changes.

how it works?


Input product and market data.

Price Changer input variables


Input information about competitors.

PriceChanger input competitors


Get recommendations from Price Changer.

Price Changer dash

Interface go-through video. Parameters that influence price of your product

Play Video about Price Changer dashboard screen

Price Changer calculator

Price Changer becomes active in this window after registration

Options short description

Segment: 1- mass market; 2 – basic / well-enough; 3 – standard; 4 – premium; 5- Luxury

Current sales price: the price that you set for most customers

Current volume: quantities that you sell pro period (e.g. year/month)

Current margin:  Margin formula is 1-(cost/price)

Price sensitivity: how clients react to change: 1 – non-sensitive → 10 – sensitive

Product originality: 1 – boring copy → 5 – very original

Product maturity: 1 – fresh to market → 5 – veteran

Number of competitors: take only direct competitors (same segment)

Brand loyalty: 1 – customer doesn’t care → 5 – very loyal

Market share: your share in pcs (not in value)

Market limit: Which maximum market share one can reach

Competition reaction: 1 – no reaction, 2-react only after 25% difference, 3 – react after 10%, 4 – react after 5%, 5 – react after 2%

Top competitors

Input information about your competition. Put as many as you know, but not necessary 5. Note that if there’s any share, price should be mentioned.

If no competitors are mentioned, insert average unit price for “all the rest”.

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Price Changer – how it works?

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