Maximize profit while changing your prices

Our Price Change calculators will help you to gain profit while making discounts or markups. 

Discover the perfect price for your business using the special pricing wizard “Price Changer”.

Don't change the price without doing this!

Always check at which volumes you will gain profit

Thinking of giving a discount to your product to boost sales? Or do you feel that a slight price increase will bring you additional profit? In the case of a discount one probably assumes that growth of sales will compensate the price drop. As well as while increasing prices a businessman may tolerate certain volumes reduction. And both of them are right, but usually, no one calculates the exact volume that needs to be achieved or may be lost.

We made a few calculators that do this job for you. Just type in your product cost, sales price, and pricing change you’re going to apply.

After obtaining the volumes, watch your sales figures and make sure you achieve the necessary quantities to keep your profit up.

Pricing calculation

Discount Calculator

Find out how you should change your volume after discount to keep the same amount of profit

When making discount we expect our volume to grow and compensate small loss of profit per item by growing quantities. This tools lets you calculate how much exactly you need to grow your sales quantity to compensate the discount and reach equal profit.

Mark up calculator

Increasing your price? You can afford now certain drop in volume. Calculate how much exactly by this tool.

Manager’s dream is when both our price, profit and volumes grow. But basic logic of demand curve is that higher price leads to lower volumes which is often the case. With this tool you can find how much volume you can lose to keep same amount of profit.

Price change Matrix

When giving discount. Just find your profit margin column and discount row intersection to get an idea of how much you need to grow volume compensating profit loss.

You can find the full version of the matrix in an Excel file both for discounting and mark-up in the Price Change Calculator.

Price change Matrix for discounts
see how much you need to grow your volume after price reduction

Like to have you pricing calculators offline?

Download ChangeYourPrice Excel sheet with discount and mark-up calculators built-in for just 19$ by signing to our monthly plan (the file is available also for annual plan subscribers of course).  It also includes 2 large price-change matrix tables for mark up and discount scenarios – print it and have a ready solution just by your hand

Price Change calculators & Matrix

Price Change Calculators & Matrix

A must-have instrument for any marketer, business analyst, or entrepreneur. While making any pricing decision do the math with the tool and get volume targets for yourself or your team.

The file for download does almost the same as the calculators on this page but with some benefits, worth investing a few bucks.

Available offline

Have it always by hand at your device

Open formulas

Formulas are not hidden - feel free to use them as you see fit

Free edit

As it's an Excel file, feel free to edit and integrate into your working sheets

Pricing Matrix

2 sheets with price-change matrix both for discounting and mark-up scenarios

Price change calculators & matrix

Register to the Monthly or Annual plan to obtain the Excel file with Price Change Calculators & Matrix

Download link will be available right below this message after the payment confirmation. The password for the file will arrive together with the confirmation mail. Just Log in if you’re already our customer. 

Price Changer

This advanced tool helps finding the right price for your product to maxmize overall profit

Before you change the price...

Go to Price Changer, input various data about your product and market to get recommendations on the pricing change. 

This calculator analyzes every bit of information you provide taking into consideration both expected volume and margin dynamics.

This check is absolutely necessary before any pricing change you make.

The PriceChanger utilizes various microeconomic terms, such as price elasticity or profit margin. We’ll be covering and explaining those in our blog posts, however, if you like to learn more we recommend making a dive into specialized resources. Like this one or this

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